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"The Sweet Life music will appeal to everyone, not just jazz fans. Brazilian rhythms have the strength to drive Latin lovers out of the room and Molly Greacen's Brazilian songs are definitely worth checking out. Molly is without a doubt a fascinating jazz singer. The most romantic tracks are those sung in Portuguese. Molly's distinct style updates the Brazilian song traditions with elements of pop, blues and jazz. Nice work, reachable to all ears!"

– Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez,

"With a happy session that remains harmonically light and rhythmically pure, Molly Greacen explores Brazilian jazz from a melodic viewpoint. It's all about feelings. From her songs, you get an uplifting feeling that sweeps you away for a brief respite. Her melodies flow around the room like currents of a warm tropical breeze. Romantic ballads form the basis of her argument, and she proves beyond a reasonable doubt that music has powers to heal both the mind and the body."

– Jim Santella for "All About Jazz" website

"For those new to this kind of music, The Sweet Life will be a treat - the kind of album you listen to with a loved one and a glass of wine in a candlelit room. The sensuality usually associated with Brazilian jazz is there, but Molly's smooth vocals have infused it with a subtle pop energy that makes it her own. This works to varying degrees on the records, but Greacen's voice truly sparkles when she sings in Portuguese on the gems 'Amor' and 'Vagabond Heart'. There's a lot to appreciate in the tight rhythms supporting Greacen: The Sweet Life Band features Ken Aikin on trumpet and flugelhorn, Paul Cotugno on keyboard, Kem Stralka on drums and percussion, and Matthew Spencer on bass. 'Amor' opens with a particularly satisfying taste from Aikin, which blossoms into a beautiful extended solo late in the song."

– James E. Jacoby for Colorado Magazine Buzz, September, 2006

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